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International Workshop HEUNET (July 16, 2012, Izmir, Turkey)

In conjunction with SAINT 2012 (The 12th IEEE/IPSJ
International Symposium on Applications and the Internet),
an international workshop HEUNET 2012 (Third Workshop
of Heuristic Methods for the Design, Deployment, and
Reliability of Networks and Network Applications) supported
by NDRC will be held on July 16th in Izmir, Turkey,
with two keynote talks by world-famous researchers and
eight oral presentations for peer-reviewed research papers.

Keynote Session will be held in 15:30-17:00
on July 16th (Mon) at Room Kargiyaka (3rd floor).
See the final program at


HEUNET Keynote (1)

Speaker: Prof. Dana Petcu, Institute e-Austria Timisoara
and West University of Timisoara, Romania.

Title: The Cloudy Sky of Programmable Infrastructures

Short Abstract: Programmatic access to the devices connected to
the Internet is becoming nowadays a reality, involving data center
resources (Cloud computing), network switches (Cloud networking),
and even simple gadgets or instruments (Internet-of-Things).
Looking into the particular case of the Cloud computing contributions
to programmable infrastructure, the expectations fulfillment is
quite low: only the platform (-as-a-) service allows to reach a certain
level of programmability.
In order to reach the level of Sky computing (Clouds of Clouds)
that ensure the vendor agnosticity, a platform-as-a-service should
tackle with subjects like interoperability, portability, service
brokerage and scheduling in heterogeneous environment
(using heuristic methods for problem solving).
The design decisions in building an open-source and deployable
platform-as-a-service to serve the deployment of Cloud enabled
applications and to ensure their portability between Cloud
e-Infrastructure services will be exposed to serve as a case study
to assess what Cloud can do for infrastructure programmability.

HEUNET Keynote (2)

Speaker: Prof. Stuart Allen, Cardiff University, UK.

Title: Heuristics and Metaheuristics for Practical Optimisation
in Wireless Networks

Short Abstract: Heuristics and meta-heuristics can play a key
role in improving the performance and efficiency of wireless
communications networks, however the complex and competing
technical and economic objectives that arise in real world
applications require careful consideration.
This talk will describe the development of algorithms for
a range of practical optimisation problems for wireless network
design and management, highlighting common themes and
successful techniques.

About keynote speakers

Dana Petcu (http://www.info.uvt.ro/~petcu) is director of the private
research Institute e-Austria Timisoara and professor at the Computer
Science Department and HPC Center of West University of Timisoara,
Her research experience is focused on distributed, parallel, and service
computing and the publications from the last five years have been
devoted to Clouds, HPC, Grids and Web services.
She has authored more than two hundreds fifty reviewed articles,
ten textbooks, fifteen conference proceedings, and acts as chief editor
of the journal Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience, as PC
member for over one hundred conferences, and as organizer of
more than thirty international scientific events.
She has lead or currently leads national and European collaborative
projects on Cloud, HPC or Grids, most recently being EC-FP7 HOST
and SPRERS (as project manager), EC-FP7 mOSAIC and
RO-PNII AMICAS (as scientific manager).
She received an international award for women in science and
education, and currently is Romanian nominated expert in several
European research policy committees for ICT, e-Infrastructure and
Cloud expert group.

Stuart Allen (http://users.cs.cf.ac.uk/Stuart.M.Allen/) is Senior Lecturer
in the Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatics.
He obtained a BSc in Mathematics from Nottingham University in 1992,
and his PhD in Graph Theory from the University of Reading in 1996.
His current research interests concern the use of opportunistic wireless
networks for information dissemination, and optimisation problems
arising in wireless communications networks, especially developing
detailed mathematical models and metrics to represent the diverse technical
and economical constraints and objectives of wireless networks,
and developing metaheuristic algorithms to select and configure
network infrastructure.
He has joined many international research projects such as
Recognition EU FET (http://recognition-project.eu/),
Socialnets (http://www.social-nets.eu/),
and Integrated Scheduling for Wireless Mesh Networks (http://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/ISforWMN/).
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