The First International Workshop on Information Network Design

December 4 - 5, 2008

Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka, JAPAN

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Last update: Dec. 1, 2008


Aim and Scope

Information Network Design Workshop aims at exploring ongoing efforts in the theory and application including information network design and related fields. The workshop provides an opportunity for international researchers to share and review recent advances on network design research for huge-scale, diverse, and dynamic networks. Original contributions describing recent modeling, analysis, and experiment on network design research with particular, but not exclusive, regard to:

  1. Large scale and/or Complex networks

  2. Cross layered networks

  3. Overlay networks

  4. Sensor networks

  5. Mobile ad-hoc networks

  6. Delay/disruption tolerant networks

  7. Social networks

  8. Application on networks

Plenary Talks

  1. Prof. Mario Gerla, Computer Science Department, UCLA (USA)
    “Vehicular Urban Sensing: efficiency and privacy issues”

  2. Dr. Peter Eisert, Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Fraunhofer (Germany)
    “3D Video Processing”

  3. Prof. Günther Raidl, Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
    “Combining Metaheuristics with Mathematical Programming Techniques for Solving Difficult Network Design Problems”

  4. Prof. David Corne, Heriot-Watt University (Scotland)
    “Nature-Inspired Techniques and Networks: a Selection of Applications”


Sponsored by

Network Design Research Center, Kyushu Institute of Technology


Co-Sponsored by

Kitakyushu city


Supported by

IEEE Fukuoka Section

IEICE Kyushu Section

IEICE Technical Committee on Internet Architecture

IPSJ Kyushu Chapter

Human Media Creation Center


Workshop Organizers

Prof. Yuji Oie (NDRC, Director)

Prof. Dirceu Cavendish (NDRC)

Prof. Mario Köppen (NDRC)

Dr. Kaori Yoshida (NDRC)


WIND’08 (C) Network Design Research Center, Kyushu Institute of Technology


Asia-Pacific Import Mart (AIM)

Kitakyushu Trade and Investment (KTI) Hall (8F)



From Fukuoka Airport

    5 minutes by subway

    to JR Hakata Station

    [ access map ]

From JR Hakata Station

    20 minutes by Shinkansen

    to JR Kokura Station

    [ access map ]

From Kitakyushu Airport

    35 minutes by Bus

    to JR Kokura Station (North)

    [ access map ]

From JR Kokura Station

    (North Exit)

    5 minutes walk

    by pedestrian deck

    [ access map ]


Fee: Free

(not include Reception)

Please send your

  1. -name:

  2. -affiliation:

  3. -email address: 

  4. -attend reception: yes / no

to Secretariat
by Nov. 30, 2008.
by Dec. 2, 2008. (extended)


Dec. 4 (Thu.) 18:00

Flamingo Cafe (AIM 2F)

Costs: 3,500 yen

Please pay at the registration desk.


WIND’08 Secretariat


Workshop Program

Dec. 4 (Thu.)

13:00    Opening

13:10-14:10    Plenary Talk (1)

  1. Vehicular Urban Sensing: efficiency and privacy issues

  2. Prof. Mario Gerla (UCLA (USA))

14:30-16:00    NDRC session

  1. Designing Networks for Human/Social Orchestration
    Masato Tsuru (Network Design Research Center, Kyutech)

  2. A Mean Value Analysis Approach to Transaction Performance Evaluation on Multi-Server Systems
    Dirceu Cavendish (Network Design Research Center, Kyutech)

  3. Evolutionary Approaches to Network Fairness
    Mario Köppen (Network Design Research Center, Kyutech)

  4. Designing Redundancy Toward Building Easily Manageable Wireless Sensor Networks for Humans
    Kei Ohnishi (Network Design Research Center, Kyutech)

16:30-17:30    Plenary Talk (2)

  1. 3D Video Processing

  2. Dr. Peter Eisert (Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Fraunhofer (Germany))

18:00    Reception

Dec. 5 (Fri.)

9:30-10:30    Plenary Talk (3)

  1. Combining Metaheuristics with Mathematical Programming Techniques for Solving Difficult Network Design Problems

  2. Prof. Günther Raidl (Vienna University of Technology (Austria))

10:50-12:50    General Session (1)

  1. Improving accuracy of black domain list by using DNS query graph
    Keisuke Ishibashi (NTT Information Sharing Platform Labs.)

  2. "Earthnet" A virtualized network infrastructure platform
    Hideyuki Shimonishi, Masanori Takashima and Atsushi Iwata (System Platforms Labs., NEC Corp.)

  3. OSPF based IP Fast Reroute for EBGP Link Failures
    Masafumi Watari (IP Communication Quality Laboratory, KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.)

  4. Group-Oriented Communication for Realizing Cybersociety: Concept and Network Architecture
    Hiroyuki Ohsaki (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University)

12:50-14:00    Lunch break

14:00-15:00    Plenary Talk (4)

  1. Nature-Inspired Techniques and Networks: a Selection of Applications

  2. Prof. David Corne (Heriot-Watt University (Scotland))

15:30-17:30    General Session (2)

  1. Structured and Unstructured Overlay Networks
    Kazuyuki Shudo (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

  2. Web-based LDPC Encoder/Decoder Generator using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms and FPGAs
    Hirotaka Nosato (Graduate School of Science, Toho University)

  3. Interactive Evolutionary Computation for ICT Design
    Hideyuki Takagi (Faculty of Design, Kyushu University)

  4. Applying Evolutionary Game Theory to Performance Evaluation of P2P File Sharing Systems
    Masahiro Sasabe (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)